Miguel - Candles In The Sund chords

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Candles In The Sun - Miguel
This song is such a meaningful song that i had to try to decipher it. Its actually simple.
The secondary rifts arent included
Here are the main chords used in the song

The main rift for the majority of the song is 
F - Am (x4)

Is there a God?
Is he watching?
Is she watching?
Am                    F
Are they watching now?
If not, what are we doing?
Where are we going?
What are we doing now?
Look at all these people
Searching for a reason,
F                        Am
Searching for a piece of mind. Hey!
F                                 Am
They say we're all created equal, Well Shit

That's what they teach us,
F                           Am  
But that ain't how we treat each other
     F                       Am
Nah, that ain't how we treat each other
F                                                       Am
The truth is that we need each other other other other, yeah.
Diamond in the back, Babies on crack,
Kickin' the door, Waving the four four
White-collared war crime, money gets spent
Just candles in the sun, blowing in the wind
F                               Am
Sun goes down, Heroes often get shot

Peace has long been forgot got
Dm                 Em 
Ohh will it be too late fore we find out?
F                    Am 
We're all that we got
F                              Am
Take a look around now
F                              Am
We're all that we got.
F                              Am
Just take a look around
F                              Am
We're all that we got
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