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Mike Butler - A Set Of Keys chords

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A Set of Keys by Mike Butler
Tabbed by Ian Donley

Capo 1st Fret

    G                                      C		  G
Are you the one who called about my Honda 
Em            		  C                   	      G                     Em            D
Suppose you're probably wondering why I'm selling, dont worry it runs fine 
    G                                    C		G
See her and I, we bought this car together 
      Em                                  C                             G                    Em                         D
And since she'll never jump in that front seat again, I dont want this ride 
Caddb5                      		C
We drove from Mississippi, straight across to the Pacific 
G                                                                             D
Fogged up the backseat windows too many times to count 
Caddb5                                                            C
Got stuck one night it snowed, had to hold each other close 
Am                                               D          B7
Didn't think we'd make it out 

Em                      D          G     Em 	  D       G                         D     C	
It's not just a set of keys, but 10000 memories that Im selling you 
Em                                D   G    Em                                  D     G	     D	   C     D  C
As long as I've got this car, she'll always have my heart Im telling you 
     Am7               Bm7      Em    D   G
It's not just a set of keys 

    G                                     C		   G
Once got pulled over smoking up and speeding 
        Em                             C                         G                       Em                      D
Cop didn't stand a chance, we got off easy, all she had to do was smile 
    G                                      C                          G
Ran out of gas somewhere out in the desert 
Em               C                         G                                   Em              D
Fell asleep on the hood trying to count the stars in the sky 
             Caddb5             			C
When we were strapped for cash, this thing helped us dine and dash 
G                                                           D
I've never laughed as hard as we tore off cross the sand 
Caddb5                                                            C
I drove all night and woke her as the sun lit up the coast 
Am                                                   D    B7
Slipped that ring upon her hand 


Interlude: C  D C    D  C

C                          		D   C
Are we doing this or not? 
C                      			D  C
Cuz I'm having second thoughts 
C				D   C
Now's your last chance, yes or no 
    C        D	                       C	B7
Too late, I cant let it go 


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