Mike Doughty - When I Box The Days Up chords

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So this is my best guess. I believe these chords to be fairly spot on. If anyone else 
has a better ear for it then please feel free to contribute:

Intro- Em, B5, F#5

Em          B5           F#5     G#5
 I fell in love with the day drunk
  Em         B5      F#5
 yeah, the whole day long
       Em             B5
 well, she kissed the book
         F#5     G#5
 all the morning through
              Em            B5          F#5     G#5
 and then she sang out the words to the wrong song

The intro chords play out in-between verses and choruses

G#5      F#5                Em
    and when I box the days up
          C#5                 G#5
    yeah, when I box the days up
        F#5                Em
    oh when I box the days up
    when I box the days

If you play along you can gather the rhythm and chord placement. Have fun!

Chord Key:

Em   B5   F#5  G#5  C#5
---  ---  ---  ---  ---|
---  ---  ---  ---  ---|
---  ---  ---  ---  ---|
-2-  -4-  ---  ---  -6-|
-2-  -2-  -4-  -6-  -4-|
---  ---  -2-  -4-  ---|
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