Mike Mains And The Branches - Everythings Gonna Be Alright chords

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Everything's Gonna Be Alright
(c) 2014 Mike Mains

Capo 1

E    F#m    G#m   A

E           F#m                 G#m              A
Everything, everything's gonna be alright, gonna be alright
E           F#m                G#m     A 
Everything, everything's gonna be alright

E              F#m
Hush now, baby don't you cry
G#m              A
Imma sing you to sleep tonight
  E                     F#m
I know it's strange and hard to grasp
    G#m                A
The fact that we can't understand
E           F#m
The meaning of this life
G#m            A
Sometimes it's hard to find
          E                          F#m
But if we learn to look between the lines
I think that if we open our eyes
            A            E    F#m   G#m  A
We're gonna see the sunrise

A    G#m    F#m   E  (2x)

      A                         G#m
Jump from the train you've been riding on
         F#m               E
Wash the regret from your hands
     A                        G#m
You gotta fill your mind with new horizons
        F#m                    E
Or your dreams will pack their bags
Break this spell
Get out of bed
When you get up in the morning
Put a spring in your step
           A               G#m
Shake the dust off of your feet
F#m               E
Step out into the street

Outro Tag
E  F#m   G#m   A
Alright, alright
E   F#m   G#m   A  (2x)

That's pretty much it. The form is:

Intro C V C Intro V C C Inter. B C C C OT

These are the chord voicings I use

      E          F#m         G#m          A
e |---0---| e |---0---| e |---0---| e |---0---|
B |---0---| B |---0---| B |---0---| B |---0---|
G |---1---| G |---2---| G |---4---| G |---6---|
D |---2---| D |---4---| D |---6---| D |---7---|
A |---2---| A |---4---| A |---6---| A |---7---|
E |---0---| E |-------| E |-------| E |-------|

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