Mike Mcclure - My Sweet Lily chords

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My Sweet Lily
Mike McClure

Intro: A, E, A, E, A, E, B, E

            A              E
Won't you take me to the place
   A               E
Where you like to hide
   A            E
Open up your jewelry box
            A          E
And let me put my love inside

Won't you take me to the pastures
Where your wild horses run
Cover me with amber
From your morning sun

          A                     E
My sweet Lily of the valley
          A                           B
A finer woman has never been born
              A               B          A       E
You're my redemption for the miles I've traveled
            E         B               A
You're my angel when my wings are torn

Won't you walk with me a while
In the shade of the grove
Let's lay down in the tall grass
And talk of things untold

We can wade out in the water
We can dunk each other down
And a new way can rise up again
And the old ways'll drown

(cho: 2x)
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