Mike Ness - If You Leave Before Me tab

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Mike Ness - If you Leave Before me
Cheating at Solitaire

Here's my best interpretation. I'm pretty sure it's accurate.

Capo: 1

If you leave this world before me

I promise to you I shall keep
I won't fall in love with another one
Over your ashes I shall weep

If you leave before me

A promise I never will tell
About all the things we talked about
Our dark secrets I'll keep well

          E                  G      D
Aren't you glad, there ain't nobody listening?
          E          G               Am            G
Aren't you glad, that no one seems to care what we do?
           D                Am             D                        G
Aren't you glad there ain't no one here to tell us what's right or wrong?
         E          G          D
While we sit and we talk about nothing

What if there's no God in Heaven?
What if there's no God at all?
I promise these last years of loving you
Will be the best years of them all
This don't look like Heaven
I'm surrounded by fiery walls
For if I were to live here without you
That'd be the greatest sin of them all
Repeat Chorus
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