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Mike Peters - 68 Guns tab


G                                 Bm                      
And now they're trying to take my life away
C                      G   D Dsus4 Dsus2
forever young I cannot stay.
G                              Bm
On every corner I can see them there
C                                           G  D Dsus4
They don't know my name they, don't know my kind
Bm                           C
They're after you with their promises  (Promises of love)
Bm                               C   C/B   D Dsus4
They're after you to sign your life away.

G                  Cadd4
68 guns will never die
Bm                 D     
68 guns our battle cry,
C  C/B  Am     C  C/B  Am
68 guns,       68 guns

For living in the backstreets that's our home from home.
The painted walls are all we've ever known
And"The Guns Forever" that's our battle cry.
It is the flag that we fly so high
and every day they try to drag us down
but I cry with anger I have done no crime.

G D Em                                          G D Em
      Up no the terrace I can hear the crowd roar (68 guns)
G D EM                                           G D Em
     And down in the subway I can hear  them whisper (68guns)
Em                                  Dsus2
Through all the raging glory of the years
We never once thought of the fears
                                 Bm      Am
For what we'd do when the battle cry was over.
                        G                 Dsus2
Nothing lasts forever is all they seem to tell you
when you're young
         C             D
Have no illusion, no disillusion

G     3X0003
Cadd9 032033
Dsus4 000233
Dsus2 000230
C/B   02X010
Bm    x24432
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