Mike Plume Band - 830 Newfoundland This Is Our Home chords

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G                                                             D
From the rolling fields of wheat, to the busy city streets
                     Em                                   C 
There is a feeling and a spirit all our own
           G                                                D
True North strong and free, stand on guard you and me
                 Em                             C                  
From the east to the west we roam
This is our home
G                                                                   D
From Norman Wells at the top and all the way to the rock
                   Em                           C
Thereís a wind thatís always blown
             G                                      D
From down Summerside to the Queen Charlotte Islands
                    Em                                   C         
There is a way of life weíve always known
                    G                                C
This is our home...This is our home
         G                                                    D
Iíve seen the Northern lights dancing over Yellowknife.
               Em                                    C
While standing in the middle of a field
            G                     D        
From Pier 21 all the way to Flin Flon
                         Em                            C
Youíve gotta cross that Canadian Shield
         G                                        D
And no one knows winter like we know winter
               Em                      C
Blowing in off of Lake Ontario
                G                                   D    
From the Ottawa canal to Bon Homme Carnival
                   Em                                 C
There is a little place I love in the Gatineauís
              Em                                              C
With a covered bridge and a swimming hole
                    G                             C          D
This is our home...This is our home
                   Em                        D
   From Portage and Main to Yonge and Queen
              G                           C
   And every street corner in between
              Em                            D
   No matter where you go in this rugged land
                    G                                  C
   There is one thing we all understand
                    Em                               C
   Every woman, every child and man
   8:30 Newfoundland
   8:30 Newfoundland
   8:30 Newfoundland
G                                                           D
Way up in Peace Country and down east in Kingís county
         Em                                    C
And clear across to Thunder Bay
                      G                                         D
Where Winnipeg feels like forever and Hope feels like never
          Em                          C
Let alone out Campbell River way
And when you cross the border
And see a caribou on the quarter
                  Em                               C
Then and only then will you be home
Iíve driven from the Peg to the Chuck
And Yankeeís call us Canucks
         Em                                     C
But together weíll never stand alone
            Em                                     C
Yeah, together weíll never stand alone
             Em                                         C
Yeah, forever the Maple Leaf will be flown
                    G                              C
This is our home.... This is our home
                    G                              C
This is our home.... This is our home
Tar sands in Fort Mac
Redwood strands in Kitimat  
         Em                               C
And down in the Shuswaps too
         G                               D
Iíve seen midnight feel like high noon
                  Em                   C
From the Dome to Saskatoon
                      G                                 D
Thereís Confederation bridge and Butternut Ridge
Em                         C
Sudbury and the Sault
         G                                                D
Iíve lived in the Lakeland, Iíve been to the Badlands
          Em                                      C
Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump, too
                 G                                                      D
Iíve been snowed in for days on the Trans Canada Highway
        Em                                    C
And that was in the month of June
G                      D
                         Em                     C
This Is our home


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