Mike Posner - Stay Schemin Acoustic tab

STAY SCHEMIN Acoustic- Feat. Mike Posner and Black Bear
Here is a link to the Video.


So this is my first tab.Its an awesome cover. The tab is a little rough but you
should be able to get it pretty easily. Mess around with he strumming and
Learn from this and find the mistakes. See if we can make a better one.

U = Up stroke
D = Down stroke
/ = Slide

Throw Josh Haveraneck a shout out if you make a new You Tube cover.

E       |------0------x-x--x-x--x-------------------3---3---|
B       |------8------7-7--7-7--7---3-----3-----3---3---3---|
G       |------0------7-7--7-7--7---2p0h2-2p0h2-2p0-0---0---|
D       |------x------x-x--x-x--x---0-----0-----0---0---0---| (play2x)
A       |--5/7-x--0h5-5-5--5-5--5-------------------3---3---|
E       |------x------x-x--x-x--x-------------------x---x---|

      I ride for my people dog   I Ride for my people
E       |--0-0-x---x-x-x--x-x-x--x-x----0-0-0-x--0-x---0----|
B       |--8-8-x---7-7-x--7-7-x--7-7----3-3-3-x--5-x---5----|(play2x)
G       |--0-0-x---7-7-x--7-7-x--7-7----0-0-0-x--x-x---x----|
D       |--x-x-x---x-x-x--x-x-x--x-x----0-0-0-x--x-x---x----|
A       |--7-7-x---5-5-x--5-5-x--5-5----2-2-2-x--3-x---3----|
E       |--x-x-x---x-x-x--x-x-x--x-x----0-0-0-x--0-x---0----|

        And I stay Schemin
E       |--0-0-0-0--x-x-x--x-x-x--x-x-------------------3---|
B       |--8-8-8-8--7-7-7--7-7-7--7-7---3-----3-----3---3---|
G       |--0-0-0-0--7-7-7--7-7-7--7-7---2p0h2-2p0h2-2p0-0---|
D       |--x-x-x-x--x-x-x--x-x-x--x-x---0-----0-----0---0---|
A       |--7-7-7-7--5-5-5--5-5-5--5-5-------------------3---|
E       |--x-x-x-x--x-x-x--x-x-x--x-x-------------------x---|

        Dudes try to hate on me Alright
E       |--0-0-0-0--x-x-x--x-x-x--x-x---3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-----|
B       |--8-8-8-8--7-7-7--7-7-7--7-7---3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-----|
G       |--0-0-0-0--7-7-7--7-7-7--7-7---0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-----|
D       |--x-x-x-x--x-x-x--x-x-x--x-x---2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-----|
A       |--7-7-7-7--5-5-5--5-5-5--5-5---3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-----|
E       |--x-x-x-x--x-x-x--x-x-x--x-x---x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-----|

Damn Lifes too short Fuck it        Im in the Bucket Paid 200 for it.
          pm__pm__pm__Strum                       pm__pm__pm__pm
E       |--x---x---x---x--|             E       |--x---x---x---x--|
B       |--9---7---5---7--|             B       |--9---7---5---7--|
G       |--0---7---5---7--|(play2x)     G       |--0---7---5---7--|
D       |--0---0---0---0--|             D       |--0---0---0---0--|
A       |--8---5---3---5--|             A       |--8---5---3---5--|
E       |--x---x---x---x--|             E       |--x---x---x---x--|


           1    2     3      4      5    6   7   8
E       |--3----3-----3------3---|--0----0---0---x-|
B       |--3----3-----3------3---|--9----7---5---x-|
G       |--0----0-----0------0---|--0----7---0---0-|
D       |--x----0-----0------x---|--0----0---0---0-|
A       |--x----0-----3------2---|--8----5---3---2-|
E       |--3----2-----x------x---|--x----x---x---3-|

                         4                           2
It bothers me when the gods get the acting like the broads
                   1                          3
Cause every team does it, come complete like ours
                       4                               2
That's why I feel no need to compete with people like yall
              1                            3
I just ask when you see me speak up this song

            4                            2
Don't be ducking like you never wanted nothing
                           1                                      3
And it's feeling like rap changed, there was a time where it was rugged.
       4                         2                   1                    3
back when a dude reached it was for the weapon now adays dudes reach to sell a record
    4                     2                     1                         3
Spaghetti bolognese in a polo lounge me and my Gs from DC is how I roll around
        4                   2
Might look like but we're heavy though
             1                                 3
You think drake will put some shit like that? you never know

 4                                 2
Million dollars meetings in the polo lounge
             1                      3
Me and my man oliver north how to roll around
         4                                2
Shawty want to tell me secrets, about a rap dude
             1                               3
I told the bitch is more attractive if you hold it down

Koby about to lose a hundred fifty M's
Koby my dude I hated to be him,
Bitch you wasn't with me, shooting in the gym
Bitch you wasn't with me, shooting in the gym

  Hey this is the First Version so Be nice. Learn from it and make it better.
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