Mike Schmid - To Show You My Love chords

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To Show You My Love


Intro: C     C    Am     G    x2

Verse 1: 

C      C                Am        F
I wanted to write you a song
C                           C     F
A song you could sing forever
Em               Am
And I want it to rhyme 
Em                     Am
And to bend phrase and time
       F                 Fm
Into something clever
    Am   F                C     G       G
But you deserve something better

    G                   F
If I could make all the mountains
Spell your name
And all the old streetcars 
dance in the rain 
And promise to hold you 
For all my days
It wouldn’t be enough
To show you my love    (intro x1)

Verse 2: 

   C        C           Am            F
I wanted to write you a verse
    C         C             F
Of all of the things that I love in you
        Em          Am
Of your beautiful smile
         Em          Am
And the truth in your eyes
         F      Fm
And the way you always knew
     Am  F                  C       G  
That you deserved something better

Chorus x1 
C      C    Am   Am


    G        F
And when Im ugly
  G        F
I know you love me
        G        F
And you know all of me
F                   C         F         
And I wouldnt wish that on anyone

Chorus x1 

Fade out with intro

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