Mike Schmid - To Show You My Love chords

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Heya, I absoultely love this song, heard it on a movie then found it on youtube but nowhere else!
Thought I'd work it out...
capo on 8th fret to match recording, but sounds fine with or without capo-suit it 
to your voice really


G                                                   D   C
I wanted to write you a song, a song you could sing forever

Bm             Em       Bm               Em
I want it to Rhyme and to bend phrase an time

      C        Em D  
into something clever

Em         C                   G    D    D
But you deserve.... something better


                        C                Em
If I could make all the mountains spell your name

                   C                     Em
And all the old street cars dance in the rain

            C                      Em
Promise to hold you for all of my days

                 C                    G
it wouldnt be enough, to show you my love

     D        C
And when I'm ugly

     D           C
I know you'll love me

    D           C
You know all of me

And I wouldn't wish that on anyone


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