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Mikeschair - Cant Take Away chords

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Song:  Canít Take Away
Band:  Mikeschair
Album:  2009 - Mikeschair Canít Take Away
Tabbed:  Guitarhero1207
Tuning:  Standard (EADGBe)


(G, D, A, D, G, D, A)

Verse 1:

D	           A
All around, All of us
D		                G
Fear has come, and so we must
D		               A
ask ourselves, in who we trust
D			                    G
what we have here, is not enough

   A   D   G
to let it ring, 
   A    D   G
and freedom sing


G             D
You can take away
 A               D
everything that I've been holding
G        D             A
you can take away the sun
    G             D
And you can take away
     A             D
the very air that I've been breathing
 G       D        A  
but you can't take away
  G       D     A
My God
 D     G     D   A
Oh, my God

Repeat verse 1

Winds will come, winds will blow
but it's not here, I've found my home
My beating heart, my weary soul
is held by one, who won't let go
And so I'll cling, to you my King



G		           D   
A hope that can't be lost
A            D
a love that can't be bought
G          D             A
Cause you can't take away my God
G            D
And nothing high nor low
A           D
nothing you can control
G          D        A
you can't take away my God.
(You can take away)


Intro x2
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