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Mikey Moo - Lilsusie chords

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Capo 1

[VERSE 1] (All verses are the same chord progression)
D               G            A        Bm 
Susie won’t you open up your eyes and ears, 
G             A           D
Listen to the story to be told. 
D             G            A         Bm
Put away your inhibitions, hide your fears. 
G            A                 D
Destiny will take you from the cold. 
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   G         A         D
Lilsusie, we know your face. 
   G         A         D
Lilsusie, we know your name, 
   G            A         F7#              B   Bm
Lilsusie, every StarCraft nerd believes in you. 
   G        A         Bm
Lilsusie we know your fame. 
   G        A         D
Lilsusie we know your fame. 

A man in search of truth and light climbed up a mountaintop 
Lilsusie sat cross-legged at its peak. 
He trembled at the beauty that was up ahead. 
She said “ask”, and he began to speak. 


“Susie”, cried the man, “with all due respect,       
come down from your graceful place!” 
My son is cold and sick and dying and he needs you now. 
The only cure is if he sees your face. 

She struggled for a moment, but then she saw the man 
Humbly kneeling on the mountainside. 
She held his hand to comfort him and then the man, 
Walked home with lilsusie by his side.