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Miku Hatsune - Koi Iro Byoutou tab

Ok so my first tab ever hopefully i dont screw this up, i believe everything is correct
if its not feel free to post corrections anything helps.
Also i couldnt tab the very last part, so if anyone would like to contribute to that,
it would be much appreciated! :) have fuuun!

Tabbed by: Capnsploosh
Tuning: Standard
Email: dont really use it though so questions should be asked here):p

e ------------------13----------------------------------------------------13----|
B ------------13-15----15-13-------------15----13----15----13----13----------15-|
G ------12-15----------------15-12-15-12----15----15----15----15----15----------|
D 12-15----------------------------------------------------------------15-------|
A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
E ------------------------------------------------------------------------------|

e -10-------------------------------------------------------|
B ----10--------------------11-11-----------11-11-----------|
G -------10---------5---7---------12-10-12--------11-10-8---|
D ----------12--5-8---8---8---------------------------------|
A ----------------------------------------------------------|
E ----------------------------------------------------------|

e ---------------------13------------------------------------------|
B ---------------13-15----15-13----15----13----------------13-15---|
G ---------15-15----------------15----15----15-------12-15---------|
D 12-13-15-------------------------------------12-15---------------|
A -----------------------------------------------------------------|
E -----------------------------------------------------------------|

e 11-11-13-11-13----13-15-18---|
B ---------------15------------|
G -----------------------------|
D -----------------------------|
A -----------------------------|
E -----------------------------|

Then the fast part... but like i said i couldnt tab it, so i just play a random
assortment of notes fast or a made up little ending riff XD

but i do know the very two last notes of the solo are "  B 6-6-4  " anyways yup
hope this tab was helpful enjoy playing the song as much as i do! :D
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