Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - Losing 4 Winners chords

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Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - Losing 4 Winners


Am  F   G  Am

Am                                  F
No one can repeat the words that you don't say
G                                          Am
no one can pick up prizes you don't throw away
are you happy?is he harmless?is he kind?
Did you fall into the very first thing you could find?

F               G                 Am
When I walk past what was our door
F                      G                          Am
won't think on what it means that it meant nothing more
F                G           C          F           G        Am   ......
cheaters don't change but it is right to re-arrange

of each river that has happened by my door
i have often asked what is all this drownig's for
it is you that sent my wandering yet you expect my return
but despite your fear of fire friend one day you will burn

did you really want the end?
Are you worried now that you might never win?
F                   G           C           F
You gave it away and now it's gone to stay
it's gone away

I'm gonna sleep in the sun
living my life
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