Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - Always An Anchor chords

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MBAR - Always an anchor


G    Em    5x


I lost a love that loved me completely 
ranks of regret they batter and beat me
Im never going back again
without a lot more medicine a few less friends
Somewhere back in my old hometown 
theres an alright kid dragging an anchor around
It looks a lot like a frown
goddamn its hard to turn an anchor upside down

                                                   G                           Em
When smile ainít a smile, just some teeth messing with your mind...
  Am                                                         G             C
Well youíre right to fear the fear you fear youíll find

G    Em  

Wake up in the morning and I float downtown
I watch the fish fill the filthy fucking city that drowned
Above that big hole in the ground 
where my fine friend fear had first been found.

I remember seventeen 
                                                    Em  C
I remember being honest, horny, healthy and clean 
  G                                           Em
I remember believing briefly that Id been born to be the one
Am                                      G        C
It seems something worse than stupid now its done

Em  Am   C

A lot of people I know are walking round
  G                              Em
wondering is it ever gonna be their day?
Am                                  G            C                           
From what Ive seen so far man... Its no way

Not today
Not today
Not today

G                         Em                  C                              
Babe Iím sorry that it turned out bad honey with all we had
Babe, Iím sorry that it turned out... bad. 
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