Milky Chance - Song Ohne Namen chords

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Intro: G# Cm Fm    2x

G#                       Cm
through the years i have learned
i conquered my words, set them up in fortune,
           G#                               Cm
falling in love, love's the meaning now and you
are the one who made it true and my blood seems obviously
youre a haunted melody

            Cm               Fm
i try to forget you know memories
im still on the run im beggin on my knees
            Cm                  Fm
will i ever learn how to get control 
will i ever know you covered in my soul


G#                Cm
Oh uh oh uh oh uh oh
your friends are gonna know
youre fucked up by yourself
          G#                Cm
Yeah yeah oh uh oh uh oh uh oh
                       Fm                        C#
they'll leave you all alone and now your on your own
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