Milky Summer - Saint chords

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A-A/G#-D-E (2x)

 A                  A/G# 
stay still in this state of tears
     D                      E
keep quiet so no one will hear
    A                  A/G#
say nothing about your fears
D                        E
wait for him to whisper stop in your ear.

D                     A
change for me, become better
   Bm             E
or am i wrong to wish for such?
       D                           A
please change for me, it’s for the better
   Bm               E
am i just naive to wish for such?

 A               A/G#
emotionless, yet feeling
     D                   E
inexplicable, painful, deceitful smiling
A                     A/G#
listen to what you’re uttering
          D                 E
can’t you hear yourself praying?

C-D-A (2x)

C                 D
in my world you define how and why
     E        E/Eb  D           D/C#
even when you are a wrong guide
         C                       D
still, i say i love you with a euphoric sigh
         E       E/Eb      D D/C#   C
for only here is where i'm happy—by your side.

D-A-Bm-A (2x)
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