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Miniature Tigers - Giraffe chords

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Couldn't find any videos of them playing this song, so I tabbed from the
album track.  The chords are all barre chords played at the following frets:
A=5th, Bm=7th, C#m=9th, D=5th, E=7th.  Listen to the song to get the right



A           Bm
  I've been drinking
Bm          C#m
With wolves dressed up as sheep
A	       Bm
  They've been killing
Bm           C#m
Injured creatures in their sleep

A          Bm
  Get some feelings
Bm      C#m
That truly bothers me
A       Bm
  I can save them
Bm     C#m
I know I can

That's what you get
For sticking out your neck
And that's what you get
For sticking out your neck   (x2)

A           Bm
  I've been lonely
Bm           C#m
I've been trying not to show
A              Bm
  The pain you caused me
Bm      C#m
You really shut me down

A        Bm
  Like a butterfly
Bm          C#m
Being stung to death by bees
A           Bm
  That's an image
Bm  C#m
no one Wants to see

Chorus x2

Verse (played differently):
A              D          E             D      
  It's just another sunny day where I'm at
A                   D                 E                 D
  My head is in the clouds 'cause I'm stretching out my neck
  A              D            E       D
I wake up in the morning to a protein shake
   A              D            E              D
Do twenty minutes calisthenics then I'm off into the day

Chorus x4 

End on A
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