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Ministry Of Magic - Accio Love chords

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The strum pattern is pretty varied throughout the song, so just mess around with it, but 
the chords are really easy

Intro: G C G D G C Em D


G        C          G     D
He smiles when she's not looking

G     C            G          D
She daydreams when he's not there

G       C       G         D
It won't be long 'til they discover

G            C     G      D
Ron and Hermione love each other

Verse 1:

G       C        Em             D
He looks at her; she looks at him

G                C            Em     D
And they start to feel the magic within

G             C          G                   D
While Harry is fighting He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

G               C         Em       D
They talk of the latest Quidditch game


     G             C
Someday you'll read(maybe in The Daily Prophet)

  G                    D
About Ron and Hermione(behind the Whomping Willow)

G                            C
Death Eaters can try to fight(but you know that Ron would save her)

G                              D
They'd go riding into the night(on Ron's new Cleansweep)

G             C              Em  D x 3
They'd go riding into the night


Verse 2:

G          C         Em            D
If Hermione knew the Patronus Charm

G          C            Em         D
The conjured incarnation would be Ron

G                 C      G     D
Voldemort is sound; he cannot die

G          C           Em          D
When she's in danger Ron yells, "Stupefy"

G      Em D*




*This is a quick change from Em to D
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