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Minutemen - Love Dance tab

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Looks more complicated than it is

h = hammer-on
p = pull-off
~ = let ring
b = bend

e| ------10~--9b~-5b~------------------------------|
B| -9h10------------------------6p5----------------|
G| --------------------------5h7----5~------54~---|
D| --------------------------------------5h7-------|
A| ------------------------------------------------|
E| ------------------------------------------------|

Also at some point during the song you play:
e| 10-9-8-7-6~-------------------------------------|
B| ------------------------------------------------|
G| -----------------------------------------------|
D| ------------------------------------------------|
A| ------------------------------------------------|
E| ------------------------------------------------|
then there's a slide up a couple frets from the 6 but I can't figure out exactly where 
slides to

Please enjoy, and if anyone might be able to finish this, then you kick ass!
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