Mirah - Recommendation chords

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Hello, this is just my revision of the previous tab.

The verse chords are C G F Am , also the vocal melody sort of implies a quick move 
to G chord for just a moment at the end of each line, I do a single strum on some 
lines. But you can leave this out too and I wouldn’t overemphasize it.

C             G    F   Am      ( G )
Before you left to go away
I wrote down what I couldn't say
I bet you read it on the road
With foggy lights and fingers cool

C                   G      F      Am 
Now you drove so far but now you know
How rough it is to let me go
And let me recommend that you think twice
And I always give the best advice

C                  G           F       Am
Now come on back to where you know I'll be
Lets' go sit under the apple tree
You can floor that thing, let the engine roar
The wheels they'll spin, the rain it pours

Am                           G
And there's regret that you feel
C                      F
About the choice you made
F                     G
You'll just have to deal
C                 F
Before it goes away
F                 G
You ask me how I feel
C                     F
And here's what I'll say that
F          C        Am
I'm doing fine, just fine
F      G       C
I'm doing fine
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