Misc Cartoons - South Park - Queef Free chords

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heres a funny song from an episode of south park=]
Capo 4

D					    G            D
There’s a time in out lives, when we must listen to the oppressed
      G				           A
And realize that we’ve been keeping women down

They have power and they have courage
And we must all stand by the belief
             G					  A
That a woman is strong, and she has the right to queef

     D   A
Fly free
Free to queef aloud
D    G
Fly free
            C                    A
Let every queef show that you’re proud

     A				       G
You face so many challenges to put an end to your grief
          G              C              D
You’re a woman now and you are free to queef

   F            C               G                       F
Its time for equality we must give them the respect they deserve
They’re just the same as you and me their rights must be preserved

      D  A
Queef free
Every woman has the right
  D    G
Queef free
           C                   A
Let your queefing stars shine bright

          D              A
You are woman, hear you roar
Queefing too loud to ignore
          D                  C                 D
Queef a little each day and let your soul take flight

C  G
Queef free
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