Misc Cartoons - Hunchback Of Notre Dame - Heavens Light chords

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F        = XX3211
Fsus     = XX3311
C/F      = 132010
Eb/F     = XX3343
Bb/F     = XX3331
G9/F     = XX3233
A7/F     = XX3223
Gm7/C    = X33333
Bbsus2   = XX3321
Bbsus2/D = XX0311
Am7      = X02010
Bb       = XX3331
G/F      = XX3003
A/F      = 102220
Asus4    = X02230
A        = X02220
Dm       = XX0231
Dm/C     = X30231
Bbsus2   = XX3311
F/A      = X03211
Gm7      = x53333
Fsus2/A  = X03213
Bbm/F    = 113321
F7       = 131211
Bbadd2   = X13311
C7sus    = X33011
C7       = X32310
G7/F     = xx3003
Bb       = 113331
Dm7      = xx0211

F  Fsus  F  Fsus

F         C/F
  So many times out there
Eb/F                Bb/F  F
     I've watched a happy pair
G9/F           A7/F           F
     Of lovers walking in the night
Gm7/C                          F
      They had a kind of glow around them
Bbsus2    Bbsus2/D    Am7      Bb
It almost looked like heaven's light

F            C/F
  I knew I'd never know
Eb/F               Bb/F   F
     That warm and loving glow
G/F                A/F              Asus4  A
    Though I might wish with all my might
Dm            Dm/C       Bbsus2  F/A
   No face as hideous as my face
Gm7                    Fsus2/A  Bbsus2
    Was ever meant for heaven's light

    F  Bbm/F F    F7      Bbadd2
But suddenly an angel has smiled at me
    Dm                                 G      C7sus C7
And kissed my cheek without a trace of fright
F           C/F           Eb/F        Bb/F     F  
  I dare to dream that she might even care for me
G7/F          A7/F                Em7/A Am
     and as I right these bells tonight
Bb                             Am     Dm7
   My cold dark tower seems so bright
Gm7            C7sus            F     Bbadd2  F
    I swear it must be Heaven's Light
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