Misc Cartoons - Phineas And Ferb - Were Watching And Waiting chords

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Phineas and Ferb - We're watching and waiting
From the episode "Don't even blink"

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Play the chords exactly like this (especially A/F#):
Am7:  002010
A/F#: xx4210
Am:   002210
C:    032010
F:    133211
B7:   224242
E:    022100

Intro: Am7   A/F#   (4x)

      Am7                A/F#
We're watchin' and we're waitin',
       Am7                      A/F#
On the edge of our seats, anticipatin'.
      Am            C
It's looking awful permanent,
    A/F#              F   B7    E
But we know it could go away-ay-ay.

       Am                                    C
We're keeping our eyes peeled, keeping 'em glued to the spot.
       Am                                  C
'Cause one moment it's there but then the next maybe not.
       Am                         C
Don't know if it's magic or some deep cosmic plot,
          Am                 C
So we're watchin' and we're waitin'.

Am  C  A/F#  F

        Am                                C
We're starin' and we're glarin' 'til our corneas burn.
    Am                                                 C
We hope it will stay for the rest of the day 'til our Mama returns.
    Am          C          A/F#       F             B7   E
So don't even think about blinking or it just might go away.

          Am7          A/F#
So we're watchin' and waitin'.
          Am7          A/F#
So we're watchin' and waitin'.
            Am7          A/F#
Yeah we're watchin' and waitin'.
We're watchin'. 
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