Misc Cartoons - Phineas And Ferb - Danville Is Very Nice chords

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Danville Is Very Nice from the Christmas Special of Phineas and Ferb.
By JanMulder.

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Intro G C D G

G                         C             D                      G
Everybody's saying we're naughty. It's getting really hard to take
          C                            D                             G C D
So we've come to let the whole world know there must have been a mistake
       G                       C           D                            G
So if Santa and his elves can here us, we hope we've been clear and concise
        G                 C         D               G
In the verses vice versus us, Vice versa us versus vise

G     C        D    G
  Danville is very nice
          G            C         D          G
Santa please, check your list more than twice
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