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Misc Cartoons - Sonic Underground - Working Together Harmony tab

Sonic underground
Harmony, song from episode 2.
Transcribed, and tabbed by Anthony Bonnin (bonnin40)
This song was learned and tabbed completely by ear, by myself.
Tuning: Standard

AM, F, G

Am                              F             G           Am      F  G
When there's a job to do you've got to pull together as a team
Am                         F        G           Am       F  G
win to fight, win to wait, everyone must communicate 

          C                       Am
Working together,together, that's how it should be 
          C                      Am
Working together, together, just you and me
         F                  G            C    Am
Working together wow oh oh oh, in harmony, wow oh,

Vocal solo:

Chorus 2:
          F                  G           C        Am
Working together, wow oh oh oh, in harmony, wow oh oh
        F                        G            C        Am
If we'd all work together everyone, in harmony , wow oh oh

C      Am       C
Sweet harmony, Harmony

The F and the G tend to sound better when in power chords.
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