Misc Cartoons - Giggle At The Ghostie chords

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Song: Laughter Song (Giggle at the Ghosty / Face Your Fears)
Original Author: Daniel Ingram
Chords by: Gokenshadow

When I was a little filly
                      Em G
And the sun was going down
The darkness and the shadows
                          Em  G
They would always make me frown
D   G             D
I'd hide under my pillow
     G                D
From what I thought I saw
    G                    D
But Granny Pie said that wasn't the way
   Em                 A
To deal with fears at all

          D              G              D
She said, Pinkie, you've gotta stand up tall
Learn to face your fears
D               G
You'll see that they can't hurt you
     Em                  A
Just laugh and make them disappear."

Ha, ha, ha!

A7 G             D
So giggle at the ghosty,
Bm            A
Guffaw at the grossly,
G               D
Crack up at the creepy,
Bm                   A
Whoop it up with the weepy,
G              D
Chortle at the pukey,
Bm             A
Snortle at the spooky
And tell that big dumb scary face 
to take a hike and leave you alone and 
if he thinks he can scare you then 
he's got another thing coming 
and the very idea of such a thing just make you wanna
              G      D  Bm  A  D
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