Misc Cartoons - Adventure Time - Tropical Island Song chords

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Adventure Time! - Tropical Island Song!

G               C       
On a tropical island
D7              G
underneath the molten lava moon
G               C                       
Hanging with the hula dancers 
D7                                      G
asking questions cause they got all the answers.

G                 G                     
Putting on lotion sitting by the ocean
C                       D7
rubbing it on my body, rubbing it on my body.

G                  G B7 CMaj7
Get me out of this cave
C7                                 G B7 CMaj7
cause it's nothing but a gladiator grave
G                       G B7 CMaj7
And if I stick to the plan
C7                              G B7 CMaj7
I think I'll turn into a lava man

C7                              G
I think I'll turn into a lava man
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