Misc Cartoons - Adventure Time - Dream Of Love chords

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Dream of love,
               Am            F            G
Is it really over? Can I overcome these tears,
             C                              Am
I close my eyes feel that he is still with me,
         F               G                C                 Am
Still standing with me here... Dream of love are we truly parted,
            F                 G
Must this pig forever walk alone,
         C                         Am
In my dreams our love is just a dream to me,
            F                            G
But in my heart it lives breathes and grows,
            F                              Am                F 
And even though we ain't allowed to be together I cross my heart and promise 
to be true,
                F                                       Am                 F
And Im still loving you girl from halfway across this great big world and in 
my dreams Im holding hands with you,
Dream of love,
dream of love,
      F               G              C                Am            F
its only a dream of love, dream of love , dream of loooooove, it's only
       G    C
a dream of love
            C                         Am               F
I close my eyes and feel his arms around me... In my dreams he's not so far away. 

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