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Misc Cartoons - South Park - Cartman Waterpark Song chords

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C#m               E           
What has happened to this place?
        F#m              A
I donít recognize it anymore.
   F#m           E
It used to be so fun and special.
        D                 E
What is life worth living for?
F#m                    C#m
The dream is dead, our land is gone;
          A                               E
Thereís a hole in my heart and I canít go on.

                      A           D
There are too many minorities (minorities)
      E              D
At my water park (my water park).
This was our land, our dream (our dream)
            C#m            E
and theyíve taken it all away.
                          A          D
They just keep coming and coming (minorities).
           E                  D
I tried to go and tell the police,
But even the authorities
Are minorities
At my water park.
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