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Failure Success Song Reprise

            G                C                G                C
        You were prepared to do your best, At what it takes to pass the test.
        G                    Am                 C               D
        All those doubts you can dismiss, turns out you were prepared for this!

            G                 C       G
        You clearly have just what it takes,
           Em               A         D
        To pass a test with such high stakes. 
           G                 C     G
        We knew for sure you would prevail, 
              Em                 A            D
        Since when does Twilight Sparkle ever fail?

        G          D/F#            Em  D        
        All thouse doubts that you can dismiss, 
        G     D/F#             Em     D
        Trust yourself and you cannot miss.
        Turns out you were, 
        Turns out I was,
        Turns out you were, 
        Turns out I was,
              Em      D    G        A   D
        Turns out you were prepared for this

        D G D G D Gm A      D

        i did not tab this
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