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Misc Cartoons - Hellsing - Shi-kuretto Karuma Serenade Acoustic Passage tab

Hellsing  -  Shi-kuretto Karuma Serenade (Secret Karma Serenade) acoustic passage

from the anime series Hellsing (Herushingu)

tabbed by Panos "Lhorkan" M.

Acoustic guitar
standard tuned

I've searched for this tab on the net, but couldn't find anything...So I decided to tab 
myself :D ...I think it's a pretty decent effort

The best part of a brilliant piece by Yusushi Ishii, composer of the anime Hellsing's music

This is the acoustic part of the song that comes in 1:25 of the OST version

LR: let ring

                 triplet                             triplet
                 /-----\                             /-----\--------------------||
      LR                  LR         LR   LR                  LR

repeat a bunch of times :)

I have this in guitar pro format too, but submitting it to
would be pointless coz they banned tabs there :( (and also coz the tab is too short :D)

If you send me an e-mail, I'll be happy to send it to you

Any comments or questions, feel free to contact me :)
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