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Misc Computer Games - Maple Story - Background Music tab

|\    /|    /\    |--- |     |----|
| \  / |   /  \   |  | |     |    STORY
|  \/  |  ------  |--- |     |----|   :D
|      | /      \ |    |---- |----|

Hi everyone...I'm Juhan, just a beginner in tabs.

For those who loves Maple Story Online, here is the tabs for the game's background music 
on the Log-in page.

Here it goes:

Capo 1

F ---------0-2-----|---------0-3-----|---------0-3-----|---------0-2-0---|
C -----2-3---------|-----1-3---------|-----1-3---------|-----2-3-------3-|
F -----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|

This is only the intro part. After this intro, there are some music instruments join in, 
playing the same thing :D

Lol...Hope you enjoy playing it :D
I'm actually playing in Maple Online SEA [ Singapore ]

I apologize if there are some mistakes.

Always remember,
practice makes perfect...  :D

This tabs does not have any copyright, feel free to do anything to it :D
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