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Misc Computer Games - Maple Story Theme tab


So, I was stumbling around the internet like a stupid drunk trying to find some tabs or
something for the Maple Story theme, because I was curious I guess.  After finding some
really stupid results, I decided it was time that I tried my hand at it.  My tab is also 
really crappy, but I figure it's better than the ones I've come across.

Note, this kind of is the whole song.  I could do better, and really figure out all the
little nuances, but I can't be bothered with it.  So this is what I've got.

Anywho, slap a capo on the 1st fret, because it's in Eb or Ab Major, or something like
that.  I can't decide.

So, here we go:

Cap 1


It's, more or less, this the entire way through.  It goes minor for a bit in the song,
but I'm fairly certain it fairly certain it sticks with this same progression.

Like I said, there are little embellishments that follow the chords when the song starts
to pick up. They're not too difficult to figure out.  I just really don't want to tab
them out right now.  Or ever.  Hope this helps someone.  If you don't have a capo, then 
don't worry about using one.  It sounds just as good without one.  You just won't be able
to play along with it.
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