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Misc Irish - Mo Ghile Mear/the Hero tab

This a song recorded by the Chieftains with Sting on vocals

Chorus: Phonetically (sung between each verse)
A                 D         A     
Shay mu laych maw ghilleh marr
D        A          D        E
Shay mo haze ah ghille marr
A                    D      A
Soon naw shane ne vore aspheyne
D       A           E         A
O cchuey again maw ghilleh marr

'S? mo laoch, mo Ghile Mear,
'S? mo Chaesar, Ghile Mear,
Suan n? s?an n? bhfuaireas f?in
? chuaigh i gc?in mo Ghile Mear.

A                     D     A
Grief and pain are all I know
A                    D            E
My heart is sore my tears will flow
A               D           A
We saw him go an buachaill beo
D       A       D          E
No word we know of him och?in

A proud young son of several year
A high born son Of gentle mean
A fiery blade engaged to me
It break the brave a still naw feel

I'll sing his praise as sweet harps play
And proudly toast his noble fame
Whose spirit and with mind aflame
Salvation strength and length of days
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