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Misc Irish - The Tallaght Knackers tab

This is a song written by Gumba O'Reilly which appears on the "40 Irish Drinking Songs" traditional compilation album

G			          C
As I went out one summers day, A maiden did I spy

G				C
With teeth so black and hair so green, as I tried to pass her by

G		      C
A penny for the baby, She did beg of me

G			C
I gave her six and then I quickly ran away

C            D        G       Em   C        D         G
Down by the old dual-carriageway I won't be walking again

C            D        G  (F#)  Em   C         
Down past the tall-aght knackers, I wouldn't go there if
      D          G
 you paid me, my friend

I ran away, but not quick enough, something was chasing me

I did not dare to look around, for fear of what I'd see

When finally I looked around, it wasn't a pretty sight

There was a great big knacker, and he was all covered in ..


Well finally he caught up with me, and I was quite afraid

He was going to kill me or so he said

I started to plead and bargain for my life

And that is how I ended up with a knacker for a wife

Down past the tall-aght knackers, I wouldn't go there if you paid me, my friend x 2 C,D,G X 3. C-G
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