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Misc Soundtrack - Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory Theme chords

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Okay so this is from the old version of "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory"
This song was originally sung in the movie by Diana Sowle
I got the chords by listening to it on youtube so this is in the same key as the one in 
(PS I looked everywhere for the chords, but apparently I seem to  be the first one to 
up the chords for free)
Hopefully it's all correct. Sorry if it isn't! Enjoy!

Cheer up, Charlie
D         A
Give me a smile
           Bm        C#m                 Bm
What happened to the smile I used to know
Bm                   C#m
Don't you know your grin has always
A        D
Been my sunshine;
Bb        Bm      C#
Let that sunshine show...

Come on, Charlie
D               A
No need to frown
     Bm                 C#m                Bm
Deep down you know the world is still your toy...
Bm                  C#m
When the world gets heavy
      A      D
Never pitter patter
Bb      Bm   A
Up and at'em boy

Bm        D          A
Some day, sweet as a song
Bm               Bb           A
Charlie's lucky day will come along
Till that day
Bm                  Bb     Bm
You've got to stay strong Charlie
    (?F#m?)    D               C#
Up on top is right where you belong

Look up, Charlie
D            A
You'll see a star
     Bm             C#m                Bm
Just follow it and keep your dreams in view
Bm               C#m            A         D
Pretty soon the sky is going to clear up, Charlie,
Bb       C#      F#m
Cheer up Charlie,do
Cheer up Charlie
Bm       D          A
Just be glad you're you.
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