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Misc Soundtrack - Singin In The Rain - The Whole Night Through chords

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A                            E7          E
All I do is dream of you the whole night through
E7       E      E7       E  A
With the dawn I still go on dreaming of you
       A7    A               A7   A
You're every thought, you're everything
       D     D6          D7
You're every song I ever sing,
B7              E7         
Summer, winter, autumn and spring.

A                        E7          E
And were there more than twenty-four hours a day
E72       E     E7        E7    A
They'd be spent asleep content, dreaming away
    A7        A         A7        A
The skies are gray, the skies are blue
D        D6        Dm7
Morning, noon, and nighttime too.
A                                   E7       A
All I do the whole night through is dream of you!


Note that in the second verse, the Dm7 in the next to last line
can be played as a D7, but I like the different infliction it adds
before the chord change on the last line.

 A   A7  B7  D   D6
|0| |0| |2| |2| |2|
|2| |2| |4| |3| |0|
|2| |0| |2| |2| |2|
|2| |2| |4| |0| |0|
|0| |0| |2| |0| |0|
|x| |x| |x| |x| |x|

 D7  Dm7 E   E7  E72
|2| |1| |0| |0| |0|
|1| |1| |0| |0| |3|
|2| |2| |1| |1| |1|
|0| |0| |2| |0| |0|
|0| |0| |2| |2| |2|
|x| |x| |0| |0| |0|

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