Misc Soundtrack - Reefer Madness - Lonely Pew chords

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SONG: Lonely Pew
ARTIST: Dan Studney and Kevin Murphy

From the musical, Reefer Madness The Musical


The service today was really exciting!
Gm                      D#--A#/D--Cm--A#--G# --
Yahweh was mad, and did plenty of smiting!
     Gm                                    F6
With locusts and plagues, and little green froggies
Gm                          D#--A#/D--Cm--A# --
All that and more thundered down from the sky
G#--Am7b5                      C#
I reached for your hand like I always do
       Fm                 G--G#--G--G#--Gsus4 G
But beside me was just an empty wooden pew

        C             Dm7-G -
There's hymnals and a rosary
    C                  F -  Fm -
But they don't keep me company
    C                Fsus4 -  F -
The wafers now don't taste so great
Em   -     Bdim - Dm9 - G -
They won't transubstantiate
    C                E7           Am
Without you near the gospel choir sounds askew
Fm                   C       Dm7    Gsus4 G
Jimmy, come back and fill my lonely pew!

  C                  Dm7   -    G   -  C              Fsus4- Fm - Gsus4 -
A gloomy church that you're not in can lead a girl to mortal sin!
       G     -    Dm    -   Fdim - 
A lady asked: "Is this seat taken?"
I lied, I guess! 
  E7sus4 -  E7 -
I told her, "Yes!"
  C           Dm7  -  G    -    C                  Fsus4  -  Fm -
I pray a holy shining star will lead you home from where you are
C           Fsus4 - F - Em7     -     C#dim  -  Dm9   -  G - 
In a fog or lost at sea...or could it be you're tired of me?
C              E7                 A
It's a line of thought I'd rather not pursue!
Fm                   C       F - Fm/G
Jimmy, come back and fill my lonely 
    C#dim C11
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