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Misc Soundtrack - Starmites - Reach Right Down chords

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I've noticed that chord sheets for the obscure musical "Starmites" is non-existent on
the internet.  Which is sad, considering that it's probably one of the best written
musicals written, at least musically.  Reach Right Down is a great example of how great 
the music is.  Below I've gotten the basic chords down, which is good for piano 
primarily, but
good for guitar as well.

Key: Eb


   Eb                        Bb/D      Cm
It looks like the end of the line, old friend
          Ab              Eb
Hopes are far between and few
     Eb      Bb/D       Cm      Cm/Bb
Your soul cries out for comfort now
         Ab         Bb      Eb
But your fears echo back at you
     Ab              Bb
Your hopes are gone, you can't go on
        Eb    Bb/D          Cm
And the outlooks, black and blue
             Eb      Bb/D  Cm   Cm/Bb
When there's absolutely nothing left
        Ab   Eb  Fm    Eb Bb
There's just one thing to do...

You've got to....
Eb                      Bb/D
Reach Right Down to the bottom of your soul
               Ab                            Bb
Then you gotta reach a little more, ya gotta reach a little more
          Eb                            Bb/D
You gotta dig right down 'til you can't dig no deeper
               Ab                          Bb
Then you gotta dig a little more, ya gotta dig a little more
            Eb               Eb/D  Cm           Cm/Bb
When you're down at the bottom, you don't stop there
          Ab                                    Bb
Grab your dreams if you still got 'em and start over again
             Eb              Eb/D      Cm          Cm/D
You gotta go deeper and deeper til you hit the core
         Ab                                    Bb
When you think you've given every thing you've got
You've got to give more

The rest is much harder to chord out, but this is a start.  If anyone has sheet music
for Starmites, I would appreciate it if they let me have a look at it for more accuracy.

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