Misc Soundtrack - Fame - The Teachers Argument chords

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ONG: The Teacher's Argument
ARTIST: Michael Gore

From the musical, Fame

Dm                    Dm/C  
Artists are special celestial fools
Dm/B                        A#  
blessed with the talent for breaking the rules
    Dm         /C          /B      A#      Gm7  
I'm fit for confinement in cubicle schools
A#/C  Am/C   Gm/C   
artists are 
A#/F  F

Dsus/E   A7sus    A7   

Dm                     /C  
Artists are people not primitive fools
     Dm/B                    /A#  
they learn what to do before breaking the rules
     Dm/A          /G#          C/G       F     Dm7  
they know that the brain is the finest of tools
F/G  Em/G   Dm/G   
artists are 
F/C  C

D#                    C7  
Whether in theatre or music or dance
     D#                   C7  
they have to be given the chance
   A#         Am                 Gm 
to fly by the seat of their pants
to develop their minds and be nurtured
like plants

A7sus    A7   

Artists are part of the same human race
as everyone else in the same bloody place
    F/A         /G#         C/G          F   D7  
you learn to survive or you fall on your face
          Gm   C   
artist or not
A7        Dm (5 bars)
artist or not


I've seen them come and go for all these years
Fm7                                                        D#maj7
kids with no talent for anything more than carrying spears
another year another shipment
            C#/G                                 F#/C   C7b5
lacking the drive or the style or the basic equipment
this one is different.


              D      F#7   Bm         A  
And i can see me then, unremarkable me
               D            D7  
the kid in the ballet class
               G             C#  
the princess i wanted to be
         F#m         F  
tutu and pointe shoes
          Em   D#  
hair in a bun
             A#       D#  
completely unnoticed 
as if i were no one

            Dm                   /C  
this one is different i tell you
             G/B   Gm/A#    A7   
this one can dance
this one is special i tell you
           A# G Cno3rd (5 bars)
give him a chance

Gno3rd (2 bars)

What did they tell me when i was a girl
Day after day when i was a girl
The land of dreams waits over the meadow
if you can find a way
out of the ghetto
D      E
learn, learn
         A               G    D
put your faith in books
that will protect you
         A              G    D
put your faith in books
and a mind of your own
        A              G    D    C 
neither charm or looks
will make them respect you
you must learn to stand
you must learn to stand alone

this one is different
put your faith in books
this one can dance
put your faith in books
artists are special
artists are people
this one must have the chance
this one must have the chance.
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