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Misc Soundtrack - Police Academy Theme tab

Police Academy theme Intro:
Standard Tuning.

This sounds about right too me. Listen to the tune for timing if you don't know it 
I'm not too sure about the end but it sounds ok to me, thoughsee how it sounds for yourself
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e |----------9-8-6----|-------------9----|---------------|
B |--9-------------9--|--9-11-9-9-9---9--|--7-6-7-6------|
G |----6-8-6----------|------------------|----------6-8--|
D |-------------------|------------------|---------------|
A |-------------------|------------------|---------------|
E |-------------------|------------------|---------------|

e |----------9-8-6----|-------------9----|---------------14-14-14-14--15-|
B |--9-------------9--|--9-11-9-9-9---9--|--14-13-14-13------------------|
G |----6-8-6----------|------------------|-------------------------------|
D |-------------------|------------------|-------------------------------|
A |-------------------|------------------|-------------------------------|
E |-------------------|------------------|-------------------------------|
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