Misc Soundtrack - White Men Cant Jump - Woody Harrelson - Gloria chords

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From "White Men Can't Jump"

This is the song Woody Harrelson sings to Rosie Perez after she wins on Jeopardy. 
Harrelson sings the first few lines, then the music comes in with the rest. 
I'm pretty sure of the lyrics, but some of them are a bit hard to hear. Add some 
finger-picking to fancy it up.

A                            D
I will never bring you water when you're thirsting in our bed.
A                                         D
You know I understand drymouthedness, and I sympathize instead.
A                             D
And if you take me back again, I won't be such a slob.
A                              D
I'd even trade my sneakers in for a part time job.
E         A
My Gloria, my Gloria.
E         A
Gloria, my my Gloria.

A                        D
I know that you're angry, and you probably want me dead.
A                                          D
And I know screwing is for carpenters, so let's make love instead.
A                              D
And I know I'll get it wrong, so forgive me in advance.
E      A
Gloria, Gloria.
E       A
Gloria, my Gloria.
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