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Misc Soundtrack - Cabaret - Maybe This Time chords

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G G+ Em/G G+ x2

G               G+ 
 Maybe this time, I'll be lucky
Em/G                    G7
 Maybe this time, he'll stay

 Maybe this time
 For the first time
Am/C               Bb/C
 Love won't hurry away

D7               E7   (+5) (B5) (5)
 He will hold me fast
Em/A             D13
 I'll be home at last

Dm/G        C2   Cm2
 Not a loser anymore
         C    F6
Like the last time
E7(b9)        A7      D7
      And the time before

G         G+
 Everybody loves a winner
Em/G             G9
 So nobody loved me;

C               C+
 'Lady Peaceful,' 'Lady Happy,'
Am/C                   Bb
 That's what I long to be

 All the odds are in my favor
Em          EmM7 Em7     A13   A+9 A9
 Something's bound to begin

G/D                Eb+
 It's got to happen, happen sometime
Am9       [ch]CM7/D[/ch]       G
 Maybe this time I'll win
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