Misc Soundtrack - Newsies - Santa Fe chords

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Santa Fe

As performed by Matt Bednarsky (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQfSYevASV4)

Tabbed by: Brian Jipson

Capo 6th Fret

Dm C G
Dm C G

           Dm       C       G
So that's what they call a family
          Dm        C       G
Mother, daughter, father, son
            Em             C              G
Guess that everything you heard about is true
       Dm         C      G
So you ain't got any family
           Dm        C     G
Well, who said you needed one?
          Em             C             D
Ain't ya glad nobody's waitin' up for you?

When I dream
On my own
       C      D         G
I'm alone but I ain't lonely
         Em                C
For a dreamer night's the only time of day
           C      D        G
When the city's finally sleepin'
           C      D        G
All my thoughts begin to stray
        Dm                   C              D
And I'm on the train that's bound for Santa Fe

And I'm free
Like the wind
          C      D     G
Like I'm gonna live forever
         Em                         C
It's a feeling time can never take away
        C       D         G 
All I need's a few more dollars
         C      D       G
And I'm outta here to stay
Dreams come true
Yes, they do
          G        G/F#
In Santa Fe

Em                            C       G          G/F#
Where does it say you gotta live and die here?
Em                            C       G          G/F#
Where does it say a guy can't catch a break?
Why should you only take what you're given?
Why should you spend your whole life livin'
Em                                  C   
Trapped where there ain't no future, 
G                  G/F#
even at seventeen
Em                              D      G         G/F#
Breakin' your back for someone else's sake
If the life don't seem to suit ya
G                             G/F#
How 'bout a change of scene?
Far from the lousy headlines
C        G                D 
And the deadlines in between

Santa Fe
Are you there?
         C        D        G
Do you swear you won't forget me?
Em                        C
If I found you would you let me come and stay?
          C      D   G
I ain't gettin' any younger
        C      D     G
And before my dyin' day
I want space
Not just air
          G         G/F# 
Let 'em laugh in my face
I don't care
Save a place
I'll be there

Dm C G

           Dm        C       G
So that's what they call a family
           Dm      C          G
Ain't ya glad you ain't that way?
           Em             C                 G
Ain't ya glad you got a dream called Santa Fe?
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