Misc Soundtrack - Her Movie - The Moon Song tab

This tab was designed to be finger-picked just like in the movie Her,
except on a guitar. Awesome song, woo the ladies, it's totes adorbs. 
All the other ones I've seen have been designed for strumming or ukelele.
Have fun

Capo 5

                    Am                D                  

I'm lying on the moon
My dear, I'll be there soon
It's a quiet and starry place
Time's we're swallowed up
In space we're here a million miles away

There's things I wish I knew
There's no thing I'd keep from you
It's a dark and shiny place
But with you my dear
I'm safe and we're a million miles away

We're lying on the moon
It's a perfect afternoon
Your shadow follows me all day
Making sure that I'm
Okay and we're a million miles away

(originally performed by Karen O)
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