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Misc Soundtrack - Brokeback Mountain - The Wings tab

After watching Brokeback Mountain, I just had to find the tab for this song.
Unfortunately, there were none to be found, so I decided to figure it out and
tab it.  Much thanks to Adam, who helped me when I was stuck.  A beautiful song,
which fits perfectly with the movie.

First fingerpick this all the way through:
                ~~~~Part 1~~~~                       ~~~~Part 2~~~~
e |--X----X----X----x----x---x---x---x--|--x---x----x----x----x----x----x--|
A |--0----1----3----6----5---1---1---0--|--0---1----0----x----x----x----x--|
D |--X----X----X----x----x---x---x---x--|--x---x----x----2----x----x----x--|
G |--X----X----X----x----x---x---x---x--|--x---x----x----x----2----2----x--|
B |--X----0----2----5----3---0---0---x--|--x---0----x----0----3----3----2--|
E |--3----X----X----x----x---x---x---3--|--3---x----3----x----x----x----3--|
                Listen to the song for correct timing

   After playing, repeat Part 1 (x3) and then repeat Part 2 (x2).
[ Tab from: ]
Then strum Part 3 (x3) and then Part 4 (x2):
                ~~~~Part 3~~~~                       ~~~~Part 4~~~~
     G    A7  C7m  Cm    A   A   A   G     G   A7   G   Am   C7   C7    G
e |--x----x----x----x----x---x---x---x--|--x---x----x----x----x----x----3--|
A |--x----1----3----6----5---5---5---x--|--x---1----x----0----0----0----0--|
D |--0----0----0----7----5---5---5---4--|--0---0----0----2----0----0----0--|
G |--0----2----0----7----5---5---5---5--|--0---2----0----2----2----2----0--|
B |--2----0----2----5----3---3---3---5--|--2---0----2----0----3----3----2--|
E |--3----0----x----5----3---3---3---3--|--3---0----3----0----0----0----3--|
                Listen to the song for correct strumming & timing

Well, that's it.  It's a pretty short song, but because of it's structure, you
can play around with it and make it longer if you like.  Let me know if I screwed
something up, and please do NOT post this on any other website without my permission!
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