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"Like Snape"
By Potter Puppet Pals
Tabbed by Lysle (www.lysle.net)

You despise everyone
Am			C
and everyone despises you.
Am			C
None of this surprises you
F	   C	Am
when you are Snape.

The endless halls of the school
 Am			      C
of Witchcraft and Wizard – ry
 Am                       G
fill you up with… mise – ry
F	     C	Am
when you are Snape.

Oh, 	no.

C      F    G
But it's o – kay
C    F      C      Am
to feel like Snape,
C   F      G   C   Am     G
to feel so sad and grumpity.

C       F   G
Just relax,
    C        F          Am
there's no escape.
Am         C               Am            G
At least you're in good company…
F         C
that's me.

I don't know if I did a very good job, this is my first time figuring out the chords to 
song..  And this is not a guitar song really anyways, so some of it I just used my best 
 Let me know what you think!
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