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Misc Television - Dragonball - Tv Opening chords

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Song: Dragon Ball Ocean Group Intro
Original Author: Brian Griffith
Chords by: Gokenshadow

Em     G     D                 Em     G     D
Dragon ball!   gotta find that dragon ball!
                     Em      G              D     Em
Dont stop until you got   em all, the seven magic balls,

     Am                            G    D    C    
It s all you gotta do to have your wish come true!

         Em     D     G      D
Get that dragon ball! dragon ball!

     Am                        C                 Em
The greatest test of all is to find that seventh ball.

C                      Em       
Danger all around you, villains everywhere,

C                               Am                B7
Evil, it surrounds you, keep on searchin,  but beware!

Em                D    Em 
(goku! he s gonna show you!) he s gonna help you find the way!

C                 G    C                D       Am  D  Am          B7
(goku! he s gonna show you!) he and his friends are gonna save the day!

Em     C                                          Em     C
Dragon ball! there s always evil lurkin  till the dragon calls,

                                     Em    C
You won't believe the magic in those seven balls,

Everybody s searchin  for the dragon balls!
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